Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Ramped?

Ramped is a new domain name auction platform that aims to be easy to use, secure, and transparent. It was started in 2016 by an industry vet and also is the first platform to offer lease auctions.

What does Ramped cost?

It's totally free to sign up to bid on names. Ramped makes money by charging sellers a success fee if their names sell, and just $5 to list your names. There are zero hidden costs.

Do you use

For all sales $2,000 and above, we automatically create an transaction between the buyer, seller, and Ramped (acting as the broker, so we can collect our success fee).

What if my domain sells for under $2,000?

Names that sell for under $2,000 will be up to the buyer and seller to arrange payment and transfer of the domain name. We strongly encourage using as well as a simple sales contract.

Can I contact other members?

When you have a winning auction as a seller, or have won an auction as a buyer, we will automatically create a private message thread between the two of you. It acts much like any other 1-on-1 text chat. You'll be able to arrange post-sale details from there.

What are your fees?

Our fees for regular domain sales (not including lease auctions) as of August 2016 are as follows:

Our fees for lease auctions are as follows:

Can you give me an example of a success fee?

Of course! If your Standard Listing domain sells for $5,000 at auction (or via Buy it Now), our fee to you would be $500. Alternatively, if you had a Standard Listing lease auction with a winning monthly lease fee of $250/month, your fee would be 10% of ($250 × 12), or $300.

My auction sold. How do I pay the success fee?

Congrats! For names which sell for under $2,000, we'll automatically invoice you for the success fee. You can pay an invoice using any major credit card. For transactions, we'll automatically add the fee (as a broker fee) into the transaction.

What kinds of domains do you accept?

Currently (as of August 2016) domains that meet most or all of the following are highly likely to be accepted:

In general, having a premium keyword domain in an extension that is not listed above does not necessarily disqualify it from being eligible for auction. With that said, the more of the above qualifications the name meets, the higher the chance of it being accepted on Ramped.

Finally, if you ever feel that your name was rejected in error or unfairly, please reach out! We'd be happy to discuss.

Why can't I just list any name I want?

Part of our goal for Ramped is to be able to create an auction platform free of the typical clutter that many auction sites inevitably have. We do this by manually approving all names submitted for auction against an evolving list of criteria.

Why did you reject my domain name?

We're sorry about that! When we don't feel a domain name meets our current quality standards, we may reject it and not allow it to be listed at the present time. We'll always include a reason so you'll know what to improve for next time.

We may also reject names that do meet our quality guidelines, but which we feel are heavily over- (or under-) priced. In that case, we'll also let you know that, and you'll be able to re-list with an updated reserve and/or Buy it Now price.

What are lease auctions?

Something unique to Ramped is the ability to list your auction for lease, instead of for sale. Bidders will be bidding on the total monthly lease fee they're willing to pay for your name.

As an example, if you listed for lease, bidders could bid on how much they would be willing to pay per month to lease that domain from you.

Lease auctions work just like regular auctions, that is, you can set a starting bid, reserve price, and optional Lease it Now price (just like Buy it Now). You'll also need to set your lease term (12, 24, or 36 months) and a buy-out price, i.e. what the buyer could buy the domain for outright during their lease.

If you'd like to leave the lease term up for negotiation between you and the buyer, you can do that, too. We also ask that buyers always have First Right of Refusal if another party is interested in purchasing the domain name while it is being leased.

Does Ramped really cover escrow fees?

Yes! We cover 100% of's fees. If your auction sells for under $2,000, it's up to you where and how you do the transaction, so we won't be able to cover fees in that case.

What are Premium listings?

Premium listings are listings which are featured in a number of extra places across the Ramped website. They're also marked as Premium and will stand out in domain search result lists. In the future, we'll add even more ways to make your premium listing stand out above the rest.

Premium is a great way to get extra exposure for your auction and maximize its sale price. Premium listings are charged a 15% success fee, instead of the default 10%.

What is "Premium + Outbound"?

Premium + Outbound listings offer the absolute maximium amount of exposure Ramped has to offer your domain name auction. In addition to the above-mentioned Premium features, our in house broker will also do end-user outbound marketing on your behalf. The success fee for Premium + Outbound is 20%.

Can I cancel a bid on my auction?

It's not currently possible to cancel a bid on an open auction. We do however make every effort to ensure that only legitimate buyers are able to bid on your names.

Can I retract my bid?

Bids are legally binding and as such can not be retracted once placed. We ask that you only place bids if you are 100% ready to pay that price, should you win the auction.

Do I have a user profile?

Yes, and it's available at For example, if your username is kyle, would be your profile URL.

What are profiles for?

Your user profile shows your name, avatar, and also optionally shows your current and past auctions. (You can turn this off in your account settings.)

Once you have activity as a buyer or seller, we'll also display your rating and transaction feedback on your profile.

I have another question.

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